Should I be sagging so much after a breast lift/augmentation done only around 5 weeks ago? Is nipple placement too low? (photo)

I had a lollipop lift/augmentation done about five weeks ago with small implants (158cc) as I wanted upper pole fullness without increasing my size. I find my nipples to be a bit low and that my breasts are more saggy than I expected only a month or so out. Am I being overly critical or does it look like a revision might be needed several months from now? I can see there has been much improvement from how my breasts looked before but I am disappointed that I'm not a bit perkier at this point.

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Your breasts look quite nice and the "footprint" of your breast limits how high they can be.  I don't think trying to place them higher will work without potential issues developing. 

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One challenge is that you want upper pole fullness but do not want a larger implant. It is the implant that supports/provides the long lasting upper pole fullness and it needs to be of sufficient dimensions/volume to achieve that. Given that limitation, your result appears to be acceptable. If you want even perkier with more upper pole fullness you may need to consider a more appropriately dimensioned implant later. Any consideration of further lifting of the nipple/areola could be evaluated at that later consult.

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