Had a mole on my neck removed by the shave method 1 ago. The site of the removal is pink/red and raised. Is this normal? (Photo)

Lab result: benign. It doesn't hurt and there isn't any discharge. The darker spot is part of the mole that did not get removed because it really deep. Post-care instructions included Aquaphor and a band-aid.

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Mole Removal -- Yag Laser to reduce Pigmentation, Silicone Based Scar Gel With Growth Factors

This is normal wound healing after mole removal. I suggest following your physicians post operative instructions to achieve optimal healing. Yag laser can be used to reduce the dark pigmentation after healing. Best, Dr. Emer

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Is this normal after mole removal?

Thank you for your question and photograph.  The redness is normal and is termed "reactive erythema" and indicates the body's healing response to the area of mole removal.  Continue to apply the Aquaphor and band-aid daily and you will see steady improvement in the appearance and healing of the wound site. Hope this helps.

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