What is this line at the side of my eye is it ptosis or loose skin? Would Rhinoplasty eliminate it? (photos)

Ive had this weird line at the side of my eye for the last few years, it has appeared by itself, no trauma or anything, im not sure if its ptosis, my main question though would a rhinoplasty procedure eliminate it? as im having my nose reshaped soon, im having the bridge raised so it would pull the skin back into shape, when i pull my skin a little on the bridge of my nose the line disappears so i cant see it being ptosis, no problems with my other eye though, it effects my self asteem as well.

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deanp1986, hard to tell from your photo but I would guess this has more to do with your brow position and getting your nose done will affect this not at all. Make sure you see an experienced surgeon that does "only faces". Good luck!

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