How do I fix my smile? (photos)

When I smile, my nose get bigger and the lines on the side of my mouth get larger as well as my cheeks. I do have an underbite and I clench my teeth. I've heard of Botox helping the cheeks get smaller and helping facial structure look more mature. When I was 14 I fell and cut my right cheek so my smile line is a little different from my left. It's almost hard to smile all the way. What specifically can I do to slim my face and help me smile comfortably? I'm also 18 years old

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From the photo it appears you have a narrow upper arch.  With porcelain veneers you can widen the upper 10 teeeth and the arch so that there would be better support for your lips and cheecks. 


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You smile issue is related to your underdeveloped maxilla.  There is insufficient support of your facial muscles and tissues which is the cause of deep nasal labial grooves.  It is possible to build your smile out with a minimum of 10-12 veneers to support the soft tissues but the best approach will be to correct the underlying orthopedic problems.

The DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics can orthopedically grow your maxilla as an adult and give you the proper facial structure to support the soft tissues.  Both approaches correct the dark buccal corridors as well but only the DNA Appliance will improve underlying physiology.  

Do you have issues with jaw pain, TMJoint clicking, headaches or migraines?

The video reference is a patient who is early in the process of growing her maxilla.

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