Latisse with Blepharitis?

My Blepharitis has caused a loss in my beautiful eye lashes. The website says I should ask a doctor before using if I have inflammation. Since Blepharitis is chronic, would latisse make any difference?

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Latisse Question

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Hello,Thank you for your question! My advice would be to consult with the physician that is following your blepharitis prior to starting any regimen with Latisse. Safety + efficacy are always a priority in our practice, and I would recommend this same advice to any patient if they were to come in with the same concern/question. I hope this helpful to you! Be well,Dr. Todd Hobgood,

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Using Latisse for Eyelash loss associated with Blepharitis

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This is a complicated question. Chronic inflammation from Blepharitis can lead to eyelash loss. We have seen that in many cases, once the Blepharitis is treated, eyelashes naturally return. Latisse, because it is pro-inflammatory, can actually cause or worsen Blepharitis so I would caution against starting it until your Blepharitis was under control.

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist

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