Can Chest Xray See Your Breast?

I was having back pain and chest pains, went to the er, had x rays done on back and chest. cbc blood work normal, ask doctor do i have cancer, she said no. back pain stoped but now having neck and both arms pain and legs pain pain in both wrist sometimes feets and middle fingers, whats wrong with me?

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Chest X-ray and Breasts

   A chest X-ray is not adequate imaging of the breasts.  If there is a concern for anything, see your physician for an exam and appropriate imaging.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Breast Augmentation Los Angeles, CA

X rays see through breast tissue


A chest X-ray imaging do see through the breast tissue and exhibit different other types of tissue (bone, lungs, and implants if existing) but they are not intended to replace mammograms.

If you are worried or suspicious of any abnormality or breast irregularity, it is imperative to have your OB/GYN check it out as not every irregularity is indicative of breast cancer.

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Chest x-ray and breasts

Yes, a chest x-ray can see through your breasts and depending upon how it is taken can visualize the breast tissue( i.e mammogram).

Steven Wallach, MD
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Chest xray

yes a chest xray can visualise the breast and breast implants. If further studies are needed you can have a cat scan and or an MRI.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Chest Xray for breast

The breast is seen on chest xray. Breast conditions are found on mammograms, ultrasound, and mri with much more accuracy. So these other radiology techniques are used in diagnosing breast conditions.

Chest X-ray will see your breast but...

Your breast will indeed show up on your chest x-ray, however the penetration and density of the study is not designed to diagnose breast problems and does not substitute or replace a mammogram.

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Can Chest Xray See Your Breast?

Shadow of the breast are visible on a chest xray, but it is not a useful diagnostic examination for the breasts.

Your other questions cannot be answered on line. They require a medical evaluation. Best wishes. 

Breast Diagnostic Studies

A large amount of diagnostic information can be obtained with standard chest x-rays. Unfortunately, these studies aren't generally helpful for the diagnosis of breast diseases. Under these circumstances, other studies are necessary when the breasts are the source of concern. These include various mammography techniques, ultrasound studies and MRI studies. If you're concerned about the health of your breasts, it's important to consult your physician.

Mammorgram or MRI

You may need an MRI for a better assessment or a mammogram if you suspect it is your breasts. Please see your GP to schedule your appointment.

Chest X rays and breast visualization

With a chest x -ray there are many layers seen, (lungs, bone, breast tissue, breast implants if you have them).  The differences in densities and anatomy let one distinguish stuctures from each other, and normal from not normal.  Other radiological procedures are used for specific questions, (MRI, CT Scan, Mammogram, etc).

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