Chest Muscles Extremely Painful 1 Year After Breast Augumentation. Should I Be Concerned?

Had augumentation 25 yrs ago Due to weight loss I had lift and rev in 3/11, due to extreme CC had rev again 6/11 (extensive surger). Chest muscles still extremely painful--only on right side again!! I have silicone under the muscle. Should I be concerned? Should I consider on top of the muscle? I have fibromyalgia and sjogrens, so my muscles are always painful and sore. What are my options? Thanks so much,

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Your situation sounds complicated

Your particular situation sounds complicated.  It appears that you have a number of reasons to be experiencing soreness.  If it's been close to a year, and you still have significant pain, I think you are justified in being concerned.  I don't know that moving the implants on top of the muscle would really make a big diiference.  If your pain is related to capsular contracture once again, you may be better off having the implants removed and not replaced.  This is a tough decision especially if you like how your breasts currently look.  Still it is much more important for you to get your pain under control.  I would recommend you get a couple opinions from board certified plastic surgeons in your city who can give you advice based on thorough exam.

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