Chest Muscle Tightening 9 Months Post of from Lollipop Lift and BA? (photo)

I have noticed, the muscles below my collar bones, are starting to slightly rise, and become a little tighter. I have smooth implants, under the muscle, 9 months post of with a large lollipop lift. If I run my hands down flat from my neck towards my belly button, they muscle feels more raised than usually and a little tighter, it’s mainly on my right breast. I have started to massage much more since I have noticed it in the last few days. Hand is where i feel the tightness in photo

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Tightness in Chest After Breast Augmentation #breastiimplants

What you describe sounds like capsular contracture. This is something you should be in touch with your surgeon about so that they can guide you in the correct direction. The non surgical management would be scar massage. Some literature supports medications described by another colleague here called Singulair, but it is not that good of evidence. Also, taking this medication requires that you haver your liver function monitored with labs because this medication can affect your liver. Surgical treatment would involve removing the capsule and implant and placing a new implant. Keeping the same implant is ill advised. We do not know why capsular contracture occurs but one theory is the biofilm theory which you can google and read about. It has to do with bacteria living in the pocket and stimulating a contracture. Those bacteria attach to the implant so you would never want to keep the same implant. Start fresh. Go see your surgeon for guidance here.

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Possible capsular contracture 9 months after Breast Augmentation

Tightness around the implant may be an indicator of a condition called capsular contracture. This is hardening and tightening of the scar that always forms around breast implants. Follow up with your plastic surgeon to determine if this is in fact occurring. Non-surgical treatment includes implant massage and Singulair taken daily for at least 3 months. To obtain Singulair you will need a prescription from your surgeon.

Thanks for your question and photo. Best of Luck!

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Tightness in the breast

Tightness of the breast may represent a capsular contracture. Without an exam it is hard to tell. Best to ask your surgeon during an evluation.

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Chest Muscle Tightening

This apparent change nine months after surgery suggests that this may represent an early and mild capsular contracture. Massage is a useful first step.

There are several non-operative modalites to try to treat or control the process, and it would be best to discuss them with your surgeon. Massage is one, Vitamin E another. Singulair, a prescription medication has been useful. 

Thanks for your question. A visit to your surgeon can confirm or exclude my suspicion (there are, of course, other possible explanations), and direct your therapy to maintain your nice result. Best wishes. 

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Tightening after BA and lift possible capsular contracture?

Hi there,

It looks to me like you might be developing capsular contracture.  On your photo also, it's hard to tell because of the low resolution, but is there a bruise just on the outside of the breast?

If the breast feels swollen, then there may even be an effusion (fluid) around the implant.  There are several causes for this if it's the case.

It's important you're checked by your surgeon. Please follow up with them in the next short while.

Muscle Tightness after Breast Augmentation/Lifting?

Thank you for the question and picture.

 For the most precise advice, you will be best off seeking follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Having said that, what you are experiencing may be related to “musculoskeletal activity”;  for example, do you find yourself lifting/exercising more and, if so, does the muscle feel more "raised” after you do so?

 Of course, one of our concerns when the patient reports “tightness” or any change in firmness… is the possibility of early encapsulation of breast implants. Again, your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to make this diagnosis and recommend treatment if this is found to be the case.

 I hope this helps.

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