Chest and Back Pain After Brest Lift and Implant Normal?

Ive got a breast lift and implants. From the second day i experience severe pain in the upper part of both breasts, it feels like contractions and spasms. It feels like my boops became stiff and it feels like they going to explode, after 4 weeks now i cant touch my brest bone and back is killing me. My implants are not under the muscle. Please help.

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Chest and back pain after lift and augmentation

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Without performing your surgery I can not say for sure. It is probably best to be seen by your doctor to be properly evaluated. I will say that some discomfort is normal.

Chest and back pain @ 4 weeks after breast augmentation

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Please contact your surgeon ASAP. These symptoms are not normal. While you may have some minor pain at the 4 week peroid, the pain you describe is unusually and concerning.

Chest and Back Pain After Breast Lift and Implants

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No, this is not normal.  At 4 weeks you should be feeling very good.  Schedule a follow up visit with your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible to discuss your concerns. Best wishes!

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