I am having Vaser Lipo on flanks only. Will I be able to hide the fact that I've had anything done?

I will be babysitting my two grandchildren the next day and I am back to work the following day. Is this going to be possible and will I be able to hide the fact that I've had anything done?

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Getting back to work after VASER

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If you happen to be very petit with an extremely limited procedure, you may be ready in 3-5 days to "baby sit your grandchildren". How old are they, 2 or 12? Otherwise, it will take you 7-10 days to feel like you can get back to your routine. We also don't know what you do for work let alone how extensive your procedure will be or your medical health or age etc. Its important to formulate a detailed question in order to expect a helpful response.

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Vaser post-operative recovery

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Thank you for your question.Recovery following Vaser depends on few factors: the area treated, volume of fat removed, type of Vaser performed and patient's age and health.Obviously areas with more dense hard fat -like flanks, calves will hurt more following Vaser and might take longer to heal. Limited areas treated, on the other hand will heal quicker. Patients experience more trauma if more fat is removed. High Definition Vaser patient will take longer to recover, than one who had just a debulking procedure.Older people might heal longer than much younger individuals.Overall following Vaser there is quite a lot of leakage of the solution used during the surgery, you might find difficult to look after young children due to discomfort. It would be prudent to take a fw days off.

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