I'm 30 hours post op after septorhino. What is the bubbling inside my nostril? It's not blood

I'm 30 hours post op. I've had significant septum and bone spurs removed as well as hump and cartlidge removal so have a cast. I've got bubbling inside my worst affected nostril and desperately feel like blowing my nose. Dried blood on outside which I've been advised to leave. Surgeon now advised to ease off saline wash because of bubbling and wanting to blow. Is it worth going seeing my surgeon or shall I just let things settle?

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Postop from rhinoplasty--nasal secretions

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If you have any concern whatsoever, a proper physical exam by your surgeon is necessary. It is likely retained nasal secretions. The internal lining of your nose produces a lot of secretions on a daily basis. Because of the postoperative swelling from your surgery, these secretions usually accumulate in the nose. I recommend you visit your surgeon for a proper physical exam. Best of luck!

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Bubbling Inside Nose

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Thank you for your question.
Congratulations on your rhinoplasty!  In general, if you have concerns, it's best to continue to discuss the issue with your surgeon.  If they feel that an in-person exam is best, or you would feel more comfortable being seen, then an appointment with your surgeon is advisable.

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Rhinoplasty recovery

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It's always best to address post surgical concerns with your actual surgeon.  He or she knows your medical history and what exactly was done during the operation.  Surgery leads to swelling and it's not uncommon for the saline spray to pool.  During breathing this may lead to the bubbling and sensations you describe.  Hope this helps!

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