Throbbing /pressure pain after front tooth dental implant performed in March 2016

I got 2 implants on my front teeth in Mar, the roots were extracted & posts placed in, no bone graft needed & 10 days of antibiotics followed. After all the pain of the surgery was gone I still have a throbbing/ pressure pain on one of the implants it is annoying & uncomfortable. Right now I have the healing caps on. I like to ask the Doc for a CT Scan or is it better an MRI?

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Pain implant ct scan

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Dear silvao2: Sorry to hear that you are having pain. Implant procedures are very common these days and usually following 1 to 3 implant placement pain and discomfort are minimal for only a day or two. If you have pain in the implant that had lasted for over seven days, You should talk to your dentist. MRI is useless. A CT scan might show that the implant was placed and part of it is outside the Bony housing of the jaw.  In  that case, the implant might need to be removed and replaced in a better position. At times a localized bone graft to cover the part of the implant which is exposed is necessary. Either way this is an assessment that your dentist has to perform. Please go back to your dentist and have this checked. Best of luck with the rest of your treatment,

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