Did my belly button stretch out? (Photo)

I'm 22 days post op TT and my belly button is not healing well, the lower part seems to have stretched out to me . I sent my ps a pic and he said just apply antibiotic ointment on it and keep it dry . Should I been concerned ?

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Did my belly button stretch out?

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This kind of wound separation of the belly button repair is very common.  Your plastic surgeon has given you the correct care of this.  It will close up in a week or two.  It may not even require revision, but if it does, it is a simple office procedure done under local anesthesia.  Good luck.

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It will contract

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Hi littlemssunshine,Thanks for sharing your photos. Your umbilicus has developed a wound and you should go see your surgeon to see if it's worth changing to a different wound-care routine. I can't see from the photo if the wound has yellow/white material in it. If it does, doing a few days of good wet-to-dry dressings will clean it up quickly. At that point, the wound will close and start to contract down. In 9-12 months, you'll have a big improvement in the appearance. Keep us updated on your progress.Dr. Weintraub

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