Why is my ptosis still swollen and have a deep crease which is the scar?

I was born with ptosis in both eyes (slight differ in left eye) so I had a surgery done on both of them. Right healed faster. The left was a little more up back then than now . But I had a few more done and I have a band to hold it up . Still isn't cooperating. But the swelling of the scar tissue is driving me crazy can you please tell me any thing I can get done without surgery.

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Your post is a bit cryptic. I think a photograph would be very helpful.

Congenital ptosis is very complicated.  The reason is that the muscle that lifts the lid can be absent, partially developed, or inserted weakly into the eyelid.  Each situation has a different clinical behavior with different surgical solutions.  It sounds like you have had frontalis suspension surgery.  Due to the complexity, it is very helpful to see a very experienced oculoplastic surgeon for this.  I recommend getting a second opinion with a University based oculoplastic surgeon.  

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