Nipples too low? Revision surgery? Rather fix now than bigger problems later (Photos)

I am 3 months post op BA. I love the size of my new breast but feel my nipples are too low :/ can I please have some advice? Revision or not? I'll add post an pre op photos.

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Nipples too low? Revision surgery? Rather fix now than bigger problems later

Thank you for the question and pictures.  Given that you think that your nipples/areola complexes are too low, revisionary breast surgery will be necessary. This will likely involve movement of the nipple/areola complexes superiorly.   The trade-off associated with this type of surgery will be the existence of additional scars;  you will need to carefully consider the pros/cons associated with revisionary breast surgery, especially given that your breast "ptosis" is minimal.  In other words, be careful with your decision-making;  carefully consider the ups and down sides associate with all options. Best wishes.

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Nipples too low

Thank you for your inquiry. I agree that your nipples are too low but the fix is fairly simple. The smallest lift called a crescent lift will be able to fix your position. This is just the removal of a small amount of skin above the areola in the shape of a crescent moon. I usually do these in my office under local anesthesia. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon with breast experience.

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