I am 1-month post FUT and getting pimples. Is this normal?

I had my FUT 4 weeks back and started to develop pimples on the grafted area. It is itchy and redness persists. Had a consultation with my doc and he said it's usual for such eruptions and can be signs of hairs popping out. Are my transplanted follicles safe? He did not tell any possibility of infections. Can somebody tell is it normal?

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In grown hairs..

What your describing sounds like in-grown hairs and is normal.  Infection is very rare in hair transplant, if there isn't any redness or fever I wouldn't be concerned.  However, I encourage you to use a warm compress to on the bumps to help the hair come through without causing you discomfort.

Pimples one month after FUE

If you have developed pimples, one would worry about the difference between normal cyst production and infection. Go back and have your doctor look at it. 

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Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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