Can Septoplasty Relieve My Sleep Apnea?

i ve snoring and sleep apnea for 3 years.I am a radiologist. I veDNS. I ve not underwent any sleep analysis. Iam thin built. occasionally i ve nasal blockage.I ve consulted the ENT surgeon. They advised septoplasty. Can septoplasty will relieve sleep apnea. Whether i may need any other procedures furthur. Can u share ur experience.....

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Can septoplasty cure sleep apnea

Septoplasty cannot cure sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic disease causing excessive daytime sleepiness, hypertension, and placing patients at risk for cardiovascular disorders. The primary treatment is CPAP. Septoplasty can help to reduce PAP pressures. There are a number of surgeries that can help with OSA. 

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Septoplasty with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be central or obstructive.  The component of each, as well as the severity of the sleep apena, can be determined with a sleep study.  This is the first step.  The most common kind is obstructive.  The first line is medical treatment with CPAP.  The obstruction can be at multiple levels: the septum, nasopharynx, base of tongue, oral tongue, soft palate, hyoid or supraglottis. Therefore, a septoplasty will often not completely resolve sleep apnea, but reduces the patient's dependence on oral breathing and negative pressure created.  This reduces the CPAP settings that are needed.  The point or points of obstruction are best determined by sleep endoscopy, which can be done at the time of septoplasty.  This way a surgical plan can be made if further treatments are needed after septoplasty.   An otolaryngologist or facial plastic surgeon that trained in otolaryngology can work with you to develop a good treatment plan. 

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Septoplasty and sleep apnea

 Sleep apnea is a multi-factorial disease process that is caused from a variety of factors. Central sleep apnea comes from the brain. Obstructive sleep apnea can come from a variety of sources such as a deviated nasal septum, large uvula, thick tongue base, enlarged tonsils and  floppy tissues in the back of the throat.  The best way to make the diagnosis is with a sleep study test performed at the hospital. Medical management of sleep apnea is addressed with a CPAP machine.  If a septoplasty is required to improve air flow through the nose, it may help with mild sleep apnea.

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Septoplasty and sleep apnea

I had a family member with sleep apnea and a badly deviated spetum.  Before you can cure SA, you need a good nasal airway so either way, get the SMR done by an expert surgeon and then see how you sleep.  If you need to go on to CPAP, at least you have an airway that doesn't make you an obligate mouth breather.

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Septoplasty and sleep apnea

Improving nasal breathing can help with treating sleep apnea. Depending on how bad the septal deviation is and how severe the sleep apnea is nose surgery alone may not cure sleep apnea, though.

In many patients sleep apnea is also caused by obstruction lower in the airway including the oropharynx (tonsils, soft palate, base of tongue, pharyngeal walls).

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