I had gynecomastia surgery and I have numbness in my left thigh. Is this normal?

Withi 3to 4 days had burning an numbness in left thigh . I didn't care about it . An know it's past 6 weeks an an Iam going to gym an know I feel weakness an burning numbness in both legs an som time in hand .

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Numbness after gynecomastia surgery

 Since the surgery was not performed on this area it is difficult to determine what the altered sensation could be from. Since it is not a direct result from the surgery it is likely something else that occurred during the surgical process or coincidental. It's best  consult with your surgeon on your particular case.  #numbness #Postop 

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Numbness in thigh after gynecomastia surgery

The only explanation would be some sort of pressure or positioning on your thigh which put pressure on a nerve. it will probably return to normal over time but it could take months. You should discuss with your surgeon.

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