I want to fix my teeth gap without braces (photo)

I dont want to wear braces. If i go for any filling methods, will that increase the size of the teeth and will that look odd? what are all the other possible solutions. Kindly help

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Invisalign for space closure

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Invisaling tends to be a good appliance for closing spaces. Depending on the overall bite and the condition of your teeth you might be able to achieve the smile you want without adding bonding to your teeth

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Closing spaces without braces

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Hi there,While there are options available to close the spaces without braces, because most of your teeth are relatively small, if you close the front teeth with bonding or veneers, they will look like very large teeth compared to the rest of the teeth in your mouth. You could get a very nice result with Invisalign and bonding in combination. A dentist trained to handle both can help you sort through the options and find the one best for you.
Best of luck!


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There are two alternatives for closing the gaps between your teeth.  They are either bonding or veneers.  A lot more information about your particular situation and your teeth is needed to decide what is best for you and whether the end result will give you what you would like. If the dentist is skilled the appearance of your teeth when finished can be outstanding which includes making the proportions of the teeth ideal both for each tooth and relative to the surrounding teeth.  It appears you have similar gaps/spaces around your front teeth and in this case bonding can work well. The advantage of veneers is that the dentist has more control over color, contour and proportion.  In addition veneers are stronger and the color is permanent.  Bonding uses composite, a glass filled resin, which over a long period of time will slowly change in color and will wear somewhat.  Bonding does have one major advantage in that it can be easily repaired or replaced.                                                                            

Invisalign is a great solution

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I am providing a link below to a case I treated that is much like yours to show how Invisalign can help you. 
You would be an excellent candidate for Invisalign therapy. This would close your gaps, Broaden your smile, and re-establish symmetry. Please select a dentist or orthodontist who is experienced using Invisalign to treat conditions like yours. Have them show you before and after photos of cases they've done similar to yours so that you will get a good feel for how your case may turn out if you use that particular clinician.

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