What can I do for my dark lips?

Simply everyone asks like this but for more teenagers this could be a major problem. I am a medical student and I need to interact with some patient. I don't know but these dark lips made me feeling uncomfortable and a lack of self-confidence even though I don't have any bad habits such as smoking and drinking. I have also checked some of the stain remover lip balms but i have no idea to select any one from that can you please guide me?

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What can I do for my dark lips?

Thanks for your query. There are multiple options available to make the lips light and pink. You can try out chemical peeling, topical formulations. Together they work well, but it takes a long time to act. Patience is an utmost important thing. There are various lasers like Ndyag which acts on it. You can visit a dermatologist and work out your treatment plan. Hope it helps.

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