Asymmetry of eyes in terms of size

I feel that the left eye is smaller than the right. I dunno if it is prevalent over a long time but i noticed it only a month ago. The left eye was treated for phlyctene a week ago and then was when i noticed the difference in size. I have been using contacts for both eyes for past 3 years. What is ur diagonosis...can it be treated...for it is very significant in photos?? Iam attaching photos.

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Hi lilysnape, 

Thanks for your question. We could give you a better idea of what's bothering you if we had some photos to evaluate. But based on your description, it sounds like you may have ptosis (or drooping) of your left eye. If you've recently had a procedure done for a phlyctenule, I would expect that eye to be slightly more droopy until you are fully recovered. If after you have fully recovered your lid is still droopy, I would seek out a consultation with a skilled oculoplastic surgeon in your area. 

Good luck!

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