I have been asked to undergo sinus surgery and SEPTOPLASTY . I can't tolerate the packing. Any alternate to packing?

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Nasal packing not required after septoplasty or sinus surgery

It is understandable to have apprehension related to the potential irritable effects of nasal packing.  Nasal packing commonly will be associated with nasal and sinus discomfort after a nasal, or nasal sinus surgery.  Generally, rubber splints or no splints at all are utilized after a septoplasty, or sinus surgery.  Often I will place soft rubbery doyle splints which are well tolerated by most patients.  Painful nasal packing is not required in most nasal, or sinus related surgeries.  

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Nasal packing

The decision for nasal packing after septoplasty and sinus surgery depends on the degree of deviation and also the preferences of your surgeon. It is not an absolute must in every case.

Bob Armin, MD
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