Chemical Often Should I Get Them?

Hi, I am a 27 year old male with combination skin and a few old acne scars (not very visible). I am kind of going through a phase, I am beginning to see my skin a little more loose on my face and I am wondering if chemical peels could help "rejuvenate" my face a little, just to give it a little more glow. :)) I've heard that chemical peels are not very good because they age your skin faster, is that true? And if I get them, how often should I get them. What would be recommended at my age?

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How often peels should be done

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Peels are a great way to rejuvenate the skin and slow the aging process because it stimulates a faster cell turnover. I would speak with your provider as it depends on the type of peel you are getting, how often you should get them. I would recommend a deeper peel twice a year with light exfoliation (mild peels or enzymes) in between to maintain. Be sure you are wearing your sunscreen to reduce aging/pigmentation damage caused by the sun.

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How often should one get a chemical peel?

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How often one should get a chemical peel will depend on why one is getting the peel and what peel one gets. It sounds like you are interested in anti aging benefits and prevention. Something like a Vi Peel or. jessners peel twice a year, with a routine of daily sunscreen and a gentle exfoliating product should help you accomplish your goals.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
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Frequency of chemical peels

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Chemical peels are a great way of maintaining a smooth and healthy skin. It helps accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, a process that slows with age. On a healthy skin with no particular concerns, I recommend doing a peel every 2 t 3 months. Using appropriate skin care at home will support what is accomplished in-clinic. This period of time is also when most patients are due to have their skin reanalyzed and skin care routines tweaked; needs change dramatically from season to season. The skin may look more wrinkled or dehydrated for up to 2 weeks post-peel because of the skin cells flaking or trying to detach themselves. A good exfoliation or "gommage" a few days after the peel will speed up the process and get your skin glowing faster.

Arie Benchetrit, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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