I has 2 chemical peels within 3 weeks of each other and now have dark shadows where the product was applied. What can I do?

Will this fade and how long will it take? What can I do to get rid of the dark shadowing?

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Hyper pigmentation from the peel

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I wish you had provided photos of the pigmentation.  This pigmentation can be from the peel itself or not taking proper precautions after the peel - whether it be using moisturizers or sunscreens.  I would return to your dermatologist since they may want to prescribe hydroquinones or cortisone to help with the healing process.  Remember strict sun avoidance is important after a chemical peel.  For the best cosmetic result find a board certified dermatologist with experience in cosmetic procedures.

Dark shadowing after peels do resolve nicely with prescription bleaching creams.

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You can get dark discolorations after any peel but it is not the peel which causes the discoloration. It is usually do to the skin getting irritated by rubbing or pulling off the skin prematurely or by getting too much sunlight or overhead lights on the skin especially during the 1st 2-3 weeks. Regardless, a prescription bleaching cream such as 7% HQ, Retin A, cortisone combination does great to remove the discoloration over the next 4-8 weeks. Sometimes a very light peel will exfoliate the discoloration faster and you still use the cream as well. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD 

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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