Will Chemical Peels Damage my Skin?

It is my wedding in about 6 months. I have a few light acne marks and sunspots. It is nothing to serious, but the make up won't cover it. I'm considering to use Regin A together with a couple of chemical peels. Will it work? They only have 20%, 70% and 90%, but I think the 20% will work? I'm also scared it will damage my skin?

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Chemical peel before a wedding

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Thank you for your question. As with any cosmetic procedure there is always a risk for complications. You want to make sure you are going to a provider that you trust. I would recommend a few light chemical peels followed by a hydroquinone cream to help with any pigmentation. It is ideal if you can purchase a retinal cream with hydroquinone. Make sure you are wearing SPF during all of your treatments as it can make your skin more photo-sensitive and be sure to follow all of your post care instructions to reduce your risk for complications.

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Chemical peels

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Any chemical treatment to the face has the potential to cause damage.  You should go to an experienced physician when applying these chemicals.  In general Glycolic Acid peels are intra-epidermal peels and are unlikely to cause permanent scarring.  TCA peels must be applied appropriately and require pre-peel protocols to prevent problems.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Chemical peels and skin damage

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Any chemical peel, no matter what strength, can potentially damage the skin if it is not used correctly.  There are many factors that influence the decision as to what type and strength of chemical peel to use.  The color of the skin, location of the lesions, and type of lesions being treated are all important.  I would make sure you consult with a physician experienced with chemical peels before deciding what treatment is best for you.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Using chemical peels for pigmentation.

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Chemical peels have many ingredients.  It sounds like you're talking about glycolic acid.  The person who performs your peel needs to know what you have used on your skin in the last 2 weeks as this may aggreviate the skin (ie. Retin A).  They also need to be aware of your skin type and how deep your pigment issues are.  Peels are the most affordable, but are the most time consuming.  Laser treatments are faster, but carry a little more risk.  The good news is you have a whole 6 months before your big event.  I would suggest a peel each month and use topical bleaching agents and sunscreen!   Good luck, take care.

Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologist

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