Chemical peels and Co2?

I am looking to get CO2 laser AND chemical peel. I have some acnes scars on my cheek and general redness (for the last 15 yrs, I am mid-30s male). The purpose of the treatment would be for getting younger looking blemish free skin. (1) Is it possible to do both CO2 and chemical peel? If so, how far apart should they be spread (2) if getting just chemical peels (say 35% TCA at qualified doctor) how many treatments and how far apart? (3) if getting just Co2, how many treatments and how far apart?

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Acne scarring

I have found over the years that chemical peels do very little for the scarring itself, but can improve skin texture and oiliness and make the surface of the skin brighter.

The ablative laser such as CO2, Erbium, + YSGG vaporzer columns of skin into the scarring that induce new collagen formation and make the skin's surface smoother.

Remember these techques make the skin smoother, but never perfect

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