Chemical Peel At-Home. Are These Normal Symptoms?

hi i know you may be against this but ive recently purchased a BHA at home peel solution that 20percent concentration. what i want to know is that it it normal for the skin to feel tight and dry after? will the alcohol content in the peel affect my skin? how often can i use this peel? and if i wantd to step up to the 30 percent concentration how often can i use that?. also can we use peels around my delicate eye area? wouldnt that be a benefit? why are people avoiding this area. thankyou =]

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Chemical Peel at Home

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Thank you for your question. There is no reasonable way to provide recommendations unless we know the composition of the peel, the procedure in it was applied, your skin type, your post procedure care, and other factors that affects your skin response. These peels can be very strong and cause many side effects including scarring that can be permanent when not administered correctly. The eye area is especially prone to drying, redness, and peeling  as it is a very sensitive area of the body.  I recommend you see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a skin evaluation and peel recommendations. I hope this helps.

At home chemical peels are dangerous

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Well you are right. At home chemical peels can be extremely dangerous. Frankly the fact that you're asking these questions leads me to believe that you are going to harm your skin and possibly create issues that may result in long-term and permanent scarring and problems. These are chemicals. Chemicals! No chemical peels are the same and so no one on this site can answer your questions, other than to tell you not to do this. Also, doing the eye area incorrectly can result in blindness. Is that something you're ok with causing yourself? My guess is no. Throw away this solution, and let professionals handle the chemicals, please.

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