How Often Can I Have a Chemical Peel?

I just had a 20% TCA peel at my derm's office. She said that TCA would be a little more aggressive than the salicylic, but I've have active acne (not bad, but hormonal breakouts). Today, I have been reading that salicylic might be better for acne. I'm on day 2 and it doesn't seem like the TCA did anything for my skin. I was on the Obagi system before I got the peel, so maybe that's why? Anyway, I'm just wondering how long I would have to wait to have another peel (salicylic or TCA)?

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Superficial peels can be repeated monthly.

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Superficial peels can be repeated monthly. Lower strength TCA peels are excellent for acne but need to be repeated a few times to see an effect. There is no reliable scientific evidence that salicylic acid peels help acne more than TCA peels.

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