Does Chemical Peel Under Eyes Cause Pressure on the Eyeballs?

I have an eye issue that is aggravated by trauma and/or a lot of pressure to the eye. I am going in for another procedure and was planning on adding Chemical Peel, but I am still concerned that it might aggravate my eye. I have an issue where (let's say I get poked in the eye) my immune system attacks the eye as if it is a foreign body. I have had my eye brows waxed, my baby's head hit my cheekbone pretty hard, etc. none of them have bothered it.

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You should be concerned

Dear Kim

You are not providing enough information to really asses you issue. Perhaps you do not know the technical terms for what is going on in the eyes.

Generally, a chemical peel should not affect the health of the eyes or alter the eye pressure in any way. However, it is possible for a chemical peel to compromise the position or function of the eyelid if the peel is overdone.

If you are considering a mild peel: a glycolic or a trichoroacetic acid peel under 35%, there should be no issues.

However, I do recommend that before you consider something like this that you have through evaluation by a board certified ophthalmologist (eye MD) to be certain that this doctor give you approval to have the procedure you are considering.

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Chemical Peel on the Eye Causing Pressure on the Eyeball

The chemical peel can cause mild pressure by its tightening effect but not any significant pressure.

If you have eye issues to begin with, then it might not be a good idea to add chemical peel to the procedure you are having done.

You are better off doing a series of mild office based peels like glycolic acid etc then a stronger one like TCA.


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