Chemical Peel for Tanned Skin?

I am 23 years old with light/medium wheat skin. Last summer in July, I got a tan, and it has been 9 months and I can still see the remains on it on my arms and the difference in color between my arms and legs. I tried different masks and scrubs but with no result. Would a chemical peel be recommended?

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Things will get bettter!

Start with bleaching creams. If this does not work, consider peels or a laser treatment. Since there are both mild and aggressive peel and laser treatments, your starting point should be milder treatments. Certainly do not start with overly aggressive laser or peel treatments. Eventually, with time, the pigment generally evens out

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Bleaching cream, sunscreens as an entry level treatment

A bleaching cream is the entry level treatment. A chemical peel is a big gun that could lead to more pigmentation. IPL and laser treatment works well for isolated hyperpigmentation and not for larger areas.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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