If Skin Turned Black 5 Minutes After Chemical Peel, is It Damaged?

I used 1 layer of 12.5 TCA Peel about 3 weeks ago. I'm brown skined and it barely did anything. This time I used 2 layers and it frosted in a few places mainly under my eyes. Minutes later they were BLACK. Is this bad?

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It might be


TCA peels are not really for home use particularly in pigmented individuals. With the strength you indicate, it is unlikely you damaged anything badly, but it is possible. I would have an evaluation by a local experienced plastic surgeon to sort this out.

Orange Plastic Surgeon
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TCA Peel is too strong for you to use on your own

Dear Dalpre,

The Trichloracetic acid (TCA) family are powerful and extremely useful peeling agents. However, these products are too strong for all but trained physicians to use. Generally, strengths of TCA below 25% are safe for all skin types. However, how wet or dry the agents are applied and how vigorously the agent is scrubbed into the skin will have a profound effect on the treatment result.

Using these products safely requires a great deal of experience. Also, since this product is not distributed to the public, one has to wonder about the accuracy of the product concentration. If it was actually 12.5% TCA, you should do fine. However, I would recommend that you get evaluated by a dermatologist. Also, please do not peel yourself with physician strength products. These are potentially highly dangerous and can results in severe scaring, pigment loss, and disfigurement.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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