Do Green Peels Cause Spider Veins?

Where the peel was quite stubborn in coming off I noticed later after the peel came off, that I developed spider veins on that part of my face! does green peel cause spider veins on face during the peeling process?

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Don't think so

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I do not believe the green peel causes spider veins.  A couple of things may be occurring.  You may be scrutinizing your face a bit more, and so never noticed the veins previously.  Or, the area may indeed be more red, from the irritation and healing of the peel.  Any peel will cause some irritation on the skin and cause some skin cells to slough.  If it is the latter, then you can expect that to resolve.  I would recommend some antioxidant products, such as green tea, vitamin C, or others to soother the skin.

Burbank Dermatologist

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