Is This Chemical Peel Scarring, or Normal?

I received a skin medica vitalize chemical peel from a medi-spa, and the aesthetician put the solution on my face and neck. My face seems to be pretty normal, but my neck is crazy! My facial hair in combination with some peeling was REALLY irritating me, itching like you can't imagine. I very gently shaved my neck, but on the edges there is a stark contrast between where the solution was placed and where it wasn't. Is this scarring? Should I be worried? Or will this blend in a few days?

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Peels can cause inflammation

While it is impossible to diagnose a condition based on one photograph, what I see does not look like scarring right now.  It does, however, look quite inflammed.  I would recommend using a gentle cleanser and avoiding shaving as much as possible to give that irritation some time to decrease.  It would be worth while to obtain some over the counter hydrocortisone as well and use that twice daily.  I would also not recommend any further peeling of the neck area- it does tend to be quite a bit more sensitive in most people!  Hope this helps.

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