Chemical Peel to Help Eyebags After Restylane?

I had Restylane injections under both eyes 4 months ago and have had bags/swelling since. I did it to correct hollowness under both eyelids.

My physician warned me there could be side effects but I had the injections once before and got very good results. He is reluctant to conduct any corrective action and said Hyaluronidase could dissolve good tissue. He thought about doing some small needle 'tracking' to open an egress to let the fluid drain but is concerned that might cause additional swelling and make things worse.

He said I should just wait and hope the swelling subsides over time as the Restylane dissolves. He also blames much of my problem on fluid retention and swelling around my eyes.

Would a Chemical peel help resolve this problem or are there any other options available that won't aggravate the situation?

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This doctor may be nice but you need a new doctor

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Dear Yogi

Sure. I sometimes recommend that my patients get chemical peels so that they do not have so much redundant skin in the lower eyelid. This does make filling the lower eyelid much better and there is a much lower risk of persistent swelling like you are experiencing.

Having said that, the top three cures for persistent swelling after a lower eyelid Restylane treatment are a week to tens days of waiting, then hyaluronidase, followed by hyaluronidase. It is nonsense that the hyaluronidase will dissolve your tissue. The body is constantly producing hyaluronic acid. This product has a very long track record of clinical issue with very few issues with the exception of very rare allergies to the product.

If your physician actually telling the things you are describing, I would strongly advise you to find someone who actually knows what they are doing. Consider looking at the website and find a qualified injector to help you fix this situtation. I am sorry that your doctor makes no sense.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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I would recommend using the hyuronidase to dissolve the fullness over the other options you noted

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The eye area is technically more difficult to get it just right and when the material is placed to high or too much is placed, the best solution in my opinion is to dissolve the material, Chemical peels are for surface changes like wrinkles, brown spots, texture of the skin, but not for fullness casued by a filler material.

Good luck

Lenore Sikorski, MD
Orange County Dermatologist
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