Can a Chemical Peel Remove Stretch Marks on my Stomach From Pregnancy?

Im a med tone african american woman with extremely light stretch marks across my lower stomach. My stomach is just about flat and even last yr after really getting in shape and seeing definition in my abs the stretch marks havent becom less noticable at all.I was wondering since they arent deep marks could a chemical peel make them less noticable?

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Stretch marks and chemical peels

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Stretch marks are difficult to treat.  I do not think that a chemical peel will help improving the color or skin stretching over the mark.

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Stretch marks

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Unfortunately a chemical peel will not work for stretch marks. Several other treatments have been tried with inconsistent results at best such as Stretch mark cream from Mederma, Laser and Retina.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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