Chemical Peel. Is This Normal?

I did my first ever chemical peel @ home using TCA 15 % today. I did the patch test w/o any reactions. Today I did the full face. It stung for 2-3 min then was fine. After 5 min I neutralized using baking soda & cleaned my face using my fingertips with a very mild soap. 3 hr later my face got red and started to burn, like a good sunburn. It stings and feels tight, which I know the tightness is normal, but is the stinging normal? There was minimal frosting on cheeks if u look hard enough.

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Home TCA treatment not a good idea

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It is hard to believe that TCA is available over the internet for at home treatment.  This can be a dangerous agent to use if you are not an experienced clinician.  At 15% and minimal frosting you probably have not caused any permanent scarring.   Then when you have a problem there is no one to turn to for help.  Keep your skin covered with Aquaphor and your symptoms should get better.   

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