Insights on the New Melange Peel?

There is a new Chemical Peel now called the Melange Peel. You actually go home from the office with it on your face and leave it for 8-10 hours and the after care is up to the patient. I was wondering if anyone has experience this type of peel yet and what are your feelings on it. Thanks for your time.

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Mostly hype

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Dear Beach Bum

This is a proprietary peel that according to internet material is a vitamin a acid peel with hydroquinone. However, the vitamin A product that is available over the counter is Retinol which is not biologically active so the peel may contain some other type of fruit acid. The product is applied in the office with a mask that is then peeled off the skin hours later. Internet photos claim dramatic improvement in even deep pigmentary problems like melasma.

The probability that these claims are accurate is low. However, there will be mild improvement in skin tone with this type of peeling and provided that the service was not too expensive, you might feel that it was a reasonable value.

If you choose to do this service, please let the community you experience with this service.

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