Chemical peel or lightening cream? What would be better? I need to balance hormone before I can try laser again.

I have Pcos which cause me to have excessive hair especially on my chin. I'm prone to ingrown hairs which leave me with bad hyperpigmentation. I tried laser but it stimulated more hair than I had prior. I tried electrolysis (thermolysis) n while it did help it made my skin condition worse. I'm currently using depilatory cream but I'm still left with very bad discoloration which I'm more embarrassed about than the hair itself. Im tired of wearing makeup to cover it everyday.

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Hyper pigmentation and ingrown hairs

The hyper pigmentation from ingrown hairs is best treated with bleaches such as hydroquinones or sometimes retinols or retina-A.  Chemical peels can help as well and may be best combined with the topicals described.  Be certain to find a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.

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