Can Chemical Peel on Legs and Back Help in Eliminating Black Spots?

I'm talking about black spots on my legs and back NOT scars. I've been having them for 10 months. I started a chemical peeling last week, now my legs are reddish and the peeling has just happened on a very little part of my legs. How long is this going to take? Is the red color of the skin normal? Is it going to fade away? and most importantly, Is it going to be efficient and eliminate the dark spots? Is there a risk they come back someday? Its annoying since it's summer and I canot wear shorts!

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Chemical Peeling on the Body

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Chemical peeling when done appropriately can improve discoloration and dark spots off the face, but one must proceed with caution as there is always a risk of making it worse if too aggressive peeling is done. The back and legs are two of the slowest parts of the body to heal and one must be extra careful when having procedures done in those areas.  There are also topical agents such as RetinA and hydroquinone which should be used in conjunction with peeling, and which will help fade the spots. And finally, it is essential that you avoid the sun as it will darken all these spots more. 

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