What Can Be Expected from Chemical Peel Home Kits?

I did an at-home 30% TCA/14% Jessner's Chemical Peel at home and an hour later my face still burns. Is this normal? I followed the instructions to perfectly using the recommended time for first time peel.

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Home chemical peel

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This seems like a strong peel to be using at home.  If the concentration of TCA is tuly 30%, it should sting upon application.  Home chemical peels can be a reasonable option.  In general, though, there is some skin conditioning that may improve your final outcome prior to a chemical peel.  Some practitioners treat patients with hydroquinone and/or Retin-A for weeks prior to a chemical peel.  This will potentially avoid hyperpigmentation following treatment . If you are equipped to do a peel at home, be safe.  WebMd and Emedicine are good info sources.  Additionally, you can seek the consultation of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.  Often, consultation is free.  More information is always better. While chemical peels can produce impressive results, they can also lead to burns, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.  It is probably best to begin with a low concentration.  Then you may use stronger solutions with more experience.

Good luck

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I doubt you got 30% TCA for at home use

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We used to put people to sleep (anesthesia) for a 35% TCA peel, so I wouldn't advise using such a strong agent at home. It is going to hurt and without experience you could cause a burn that will heal with scarring that may not be correctable.

It is more likely that you got a weaker peeling agent, but patients often don't understand when you are having a peel you are paying for your doctor's expertise not just the chemical.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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