Chemical Peel for the Top Lip?

I want to do a 18% chemical peel but not for my whole face...I just want to get rid of some lines above my top lip and to do it at home will this help or do i need a stronger one

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EL peel for eyelids and lips

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There is a new peel by Glytone called Enerpeel EL that is specifically designed for the delicate skin on the eyelids and lips.  This may be a good option for you.

New York Dermatologist

Using Smartxide DOT instead of traditional "Chemical Peel "

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There are many different types of chemical peels that range from mild peels performed by licensed estheticians to higher grade peels performed by a doctor.  Our office has a fractioned CO2 laser that we use for all types of skin resurfacing.  The laser is called a Smartxide DOT.   Our office uses this laser as a replacement for a "true" chemical peel.  The down time is cut in half with the DOT laser treatment verses a medical grade chemical peel.

In most cases I tell patients they should do a full face treatment.  Anytime we "spot" treat the face  with a chemical peel or laser treatments, you run the risk of having a line of demarkation.

If you want to stay away from a full face treatment, you can always use fillers as a choice to help the fine lines  of the upper the lip.  There are a few hyaluronic acid fillers that are great for vertical lip lines. Juverderm and Restylane are two examples.

Jon E. Mendelsohn, MD
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon
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