I had a chemical peel done 6 days ago. Why do I have open wounds that have appeared on my face? (Photo)

Dominantly on the nose and both sides of the face. I did go back to the derm. office and they gave me a topical ointment to put on. Sounds like this is not normal from the research I've done. Just looking for reassurance that this is going to clear and look normal again. Should be doing something else? Also, along the chin area, tiny white 'pimple' like blisters appeared too.

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Chemical Peels and Side Effects

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The peel that you had seems to have you with more questions than answers.  I urge you to get a second opinion by a board certified Dermatologist who has experience in cosmetic dermatology.  I am not sure what type and strength of peel you have but please find that information out as well.

Chemical Peel Results, Seek Additional Advice

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It appears as if your peel became very deep in certain areas of your face; unless there was additional trauma to the areas treated?  There are many types of peels and it all depends on what type of peel used and the depth they went to  I would suggest gathering more information about what exactly was done and used, and seek a second opinion by a dermatologist who is fellowship trained in lasers/peels/cosmetics.  It may be more appropriate for you to have topical wound care management at at this point.  Eventually, everything will heal, it may take longer than anticipated.  The most important thing is seeking another opinion quickly so there is no risk or chance that you may develop scarring in the areas that got a more aggressive treatment.  Further, a very important point, is to avoid any trauma, irritation, picking, scratching on the face.  Sometimes things you come into contact with everyday such as the surface of your pillow can be irritating, so avoid any thing that may be sensitive to your skin.  If there are any pus pimples or fluid-filled bumps on your face, you should see someone quickly as to ensure this is not an overlying infection (bacterial, fungal, or viral) that is preventing your skin from healing properly.  Unfortunately, with the photos provided I cannot give my medical opinion of your skin situation, but only what I would suggest someone to do in your predicament.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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