Chemical Peel Done the Other Day I See No Results

make me think that they are cons at the place i went to an just taking people money it is the next day an my face look the same just a little skin peel off but she did not take any off

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No results after chemical peel?

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  I tell all of my patients that a peel is not a peel is not a peel.  There are so many different types.  Beginning with the exfoliative peels that you do at home or in salons (usually at a package price), these may exfoliate a little and make your skin pink or tingly, but they really aren't doing anything.  call me old fashioned but the so called spa treatments  simply cannot compare to peels done by well trained and experienced physicians.  Take a look at some of the results of peels from my patients on my site if you are interested in seeing how truly effective peels can be.

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