Chemical Peel to Treat Chicken Pox Scars on Legs?

I have old brown ckicken pox scars on my leg. Will Chemical peel work on it? I hope it's going to work out for me. If not, what should I do?

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Chemical Peel to treat chicken pox scars

In my opinion, chemical peels will not treat chicken pox scars on the legs. The brown scars are hyperpigmentation most likely related to post inflammatory changes. This is a difficult problem to treat. There are lasers that might be attempted to treat areas of hyperpigmentation in order to remove pigment. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Topical bleaching agents may be effective but they are often do not work well. The depressed scars are easier to treat with the use of injectable fillers.

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Chemical peel for scars

A chemical peel for pigmented chicken pox scars may help lighten the dark pigmentation but it is unlikely that it will do much if anything for the depressed portions of the scar.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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