Can I Do a Chemical Peel After 1 Year and a Half After Fractional Laser? (photo)

i had a fractional laser done to my face for minor acne scares.. i have medium tone skin almost like olive but lighter.. well i feel that my fractional laser went wrong somewhere, i have what feels like rougher skin and i can see little dots on my face., my skin looks stressed and i feel like it has aged me and im only 25. Well i was wonder what could help me out because i feel like i made a wrong choice:-( Well does anyone know what is good for helping my skin out.. please help..

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Acne scars and Treatment

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Acne scars can be treated with a number of different ways.  Chemical peels, Fraxel, and Ematrix are all excellent methods depending on your skin type.  If you have had side effects from the fractional laser it is best to find a board certified dermatologist to consult with.  It sounds like chemical peels may be very beneficial for you.

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