Can a Chemical Peel Cause Acne?

I had a superficial chemical peel in January. I barely had any pimples after using Doryx for a couple months and the chemical peel made my face look great! (I did it to help aid acne and mild scarring on my cheeks) Then 3 weeks later I broke out really bad! Is it possible the peel caused it? I just went back for my second peel on Thursday...I had a ton of pimples this time is that bad I had it done with so many? I'm still in the process of healing right now from the recent one.

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Can a chemical peel cause acne

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It seems unlikely that the chemical peel could have caused an acne flare 3 weeks after the administration of the peel. Use of occlusive moisturizers and creams, however, after the chemical peel can contribute to acne, especially the kind of acne associated with clogged pores: blackheads and whiteheads.

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