Nipple Sensation hasn't improved 12 months PO?

I've done breast massaging when in the shower with a bristle brush not all the time. My numbness is half way down my lowers breast. My P.S has said it will improve in time since my nipples are responding well. It's been 12 months now and no improvement. In the last 3 months, I've been taking Birth control and as of late it seems my numbness has spread, they are at times sore, can't feel my nipples. Is there a right and wrong way to massage? My follow up app. Is in Jan. Should I be concerned?

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There is not really a wrong way to massage as long as you are gentle.  If you are over a year after your procedure, your sensation may not improve.  Any breast surgery can change the sensation since you have to cut through nerves to place the implants.  Im not sure the connection between your birth control and the changes in sensation.  

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