Will my Cheeks Ever Firm Up from Lipo? Will Cardio Exercise Make It Worse?

I am 6 wks post op chin Aug.Necklift w/lipo. My Doctor lipoed my cheeks without consent,inserted a lrg chin. I specifically said I did not want a lrg! It does not appear that I got a neck lift. The main problem that I am noticing is marionette flaps,& remaining neck sag.I know from a second opinion that now I need a lift, but can I have a smaller chin inserted and lift now or is it too soon? Can my chin be revised without causing witches chin I believe my DR put fat from my cheeks into my chin.

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Cheeks firming after liposuction

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in general, if the fat was removed from your cheeks, it is like letting air out of a balloon, the skin will loosen and usually will tighten a limited amount. I would say to give it about 6 months before anything is done to correct any issues so you can evaluate the degree of skin contraction. 

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