Can Cheekbone Implants Cause Scar Tissue to Develop & Give Me Puffy "Chipmunk" Cheeks?

Six or seven years after getting cheekbone implants I noticed my cheeks getting puffy for no apparent reason (am a slim size 4). It's been 10 years now and even more noticeable. So I'm wondering if scar tissue has built up because it just feels different, thicker inside and tight when I smile. And it's slightly uneven, more at my 'dimple' area on the right. Then higher, like at the apple of my cheek, on the left. Anyway, if it's scar tissue, can it be fixed safely and how?

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 You should have a consultation or two with an experienced facial plastic surgeon or plastic and cosmetic surgeon who does lots of Cheek Implant surgery in order to determine what's going on with your Cheek Implants and see if they should be removed and or replaced.  Do you know what the implants are made of..Silastic, Gortex or Porex?

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Puffy cheeks and cheek implants

If you have puffy cheeks they possibly could be from infection of the implants, gaining weight, or even malar edema to name a few.  Hard to say without an exam.

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Cheek implants don't cause puffy cheeks.

After this amount of time the implants which do have scar tissue always around them should not be getting puffy. See your surgeon for an evaluation.

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Puffy cheeks

If this is new, it is a fairly clear picture of implants that might be infected. There are many types of material that cheek implants are made of, and newer material manufacturers may claim lower infection rates, however, the risk of infection is never zero, and unfortunately can come up even years later for no apparent reason. There is some evidence that dental infection or gingivitis that is not recognized or treated is linked to implant infection, so you may want to make a dental vistis also. But the most important thing is to be examined soon by facial plastic surgeon.

I wish you well!

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