Cheek Removal Swelling?

For about almost one year ago I had cheek implants inserted through my mouth. I had these implats for about 2-4 months before I decided to remove them, because I didn't like the results. The right side is fine and smooth, but the right side still has like a "pocket" where the implant was before. Is this a side-effect I got from the cheek implant and will I have to live with this? Can't I do anything about it? I am very sad about this :(

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Cheek Removal Swelling?

 If the cheek implants were removed completely and without complication, the cheek tissues should return to normal 3-4 months foloowing the removal.  The idea that the scar around the implant adds some augmentation or remains permenently is an urban myth in my opinion.  

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Cheek Implant Removal

Some degree of swelling is completely normal after insertion or removal of cheek implants; the duration of swelling can depend on the complexity of the procedure(s), presence or absence of infection, and the technique used.  However,  this question is impossible to answer without photos and an examination.  The best person to evaluate this problem and reassure you is your Surgeon.

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Issue after cheek implant removal

You mention that there is a pocket on one side of your cheek after removal of cheek implants from both sides.  I'm a little unclear as to what exactly you mean by this.  Is there a mass that you can feel on one side and not the other? Normally, there is a capsule that forms around the implant and when they are removed, some of the scar tissue from the capsule can remain.  This usually does not cause a palpable mass or cause any distortion.  My best recommendation would be to return to your surgeon to be evaluated, as a physical exam is needed to determine what your issue is.  

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